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Clear PVC Menorah


SKU: Body

Savko Plastic Pipe & Fittings

  • $446.65

Menorahs are sold as a kit and cutting dimensions are shipped with the parts.                                              If you would like it precut choose "cutting fee" as one of the options.

The Menorah has 2" clear arms and a 3" shafts with white fittings.

Threaded adapters can be added to make the arms and legs removable, for easy storage.

There are two base options:  The leg base, with one set of lags, rotated 90º from the other. Or the flange base, with this option the flange will need to be screwed to a 4' x 4' sheet of plywood to keep it stable (plywood not provided).

When completely assembled the Menorah can be between 4' or 5' feet wide and as short as 3' or as tall as 8' depending on your preference and the options chosen.